1. The polls today a VERY slight movement back toward Obama and a TIE overall by any reasonable reading. Meanwhile, it’s true enough that Romney has hope in all the battleground states, but he’s slightly behind in most of them. Intrade remains astute in the suggestion that Obama has very slightly less than two chances out of three of winning in the electoral college, although the popular vote is anyone’s guess. There won’t be much movement, it seems to me, between today and election day, but any movement for any reason is very signficant.

2. I’m trying to make this post as flat as possible to rein in both my own flakiness and the occasional bout of anger that has marked this site in recent days. Everyone is free to say what he or she pleases, everyone is free to be lame or ironic or whatever, but nobody is allowed to take more than minimal offense at “the experiments in self-expression” that characterize the blog at its best and its worst.

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