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George Weigel asks “What Kind of Country Do You Want?” :

Do you want to live in an America that is recovering a sense of decency, a country in which moral conviction born of biblical faith is welcomed in public life, and neither the culture nor the government deplore biblical morality as irrational bigotry? Or do you want to live in an America in which both culture and the government think of human beings as bundles of desires that public policy and the public purse are supposed to satisfy—an America of Sandra Flukes?

Also today, Keith Riler explains why Planned Parenthood won’t provide mammograms :

The problem is the mammogram claim is untrue, as was just cleverly highlighted by “Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day,” a phone campaign that found no Planned Parenthood clinics capable of breast cancer screening. Planned Parenthood has neither the license nor the machines. The most the abortion giant has ever done is refer women to outside mammogram providers, filling the role of the Yellow Pages or Google.



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