1. So Romney is still up by .8% in the RCP head-to-head, but Obama’s average job approval has rebounded to 49.7% from its weekend low of around 48%. So we’re back to wondering if the remaining undecideds will break in the direction of the challenger or the direction of the incumbent’s job approval.

2. Romney and allies are making  a heavy media play in the Southern New Hampshire media market. Crossroads is doing most of the negative media. Romney is doing positive ads whose theme can be best summed up as “cooperation for solving problems through bipartisanship like I did in Massachusetts”  The ad is well produced, but it doesn’t really work for me.  Then again, I’m not an undecided married white woman so I’m not the target audience.  I can’t count the number of Romney ads I’ve seen lately compared to exactly zero Obama/anti-Romney ads.

3.  I can’t remember a year where the polls have been this close, this late, for this long (Bush-Gore came down to a tie in the last weekend.)  Am I wrong to find it incredibly boring?

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