First Principles: Natural Law and the Theologico-political Question

The seminar will be taught (and students will be housed) on the campus of  Princeton University from July 28 – August 10 . This year’s seminar will focus on the relation between natural law and the theologico-political question, that is, the question of the best way of life, enshrined in the best laws, supported by the best form of political regime. Students will consider this topic by reading and discussing works of Thomas Aquinas, Thomas More, Eric Voegelin, Harry Jaffa, selected works from the Vatican on political life ( Quas Primas  and  Dignitatis Humanae ), and key documents of the American Founding.

See the seminar’s webpage on the Witherspoon Institute website, to apply. Direct any questions regarding the seminar or application requirements to Gabrielle Speach at  or (609) 688 8779 ext 311.

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