So I’ve been listening to CNN in the background while working on semi-serious stuff. Very discouraging. First, I’m one of the millions and millions of Americans who isn’t moved by this whole sequester thing. I’m leaving it to Pete and Carl. But it’s obvious that the Republican BRAND is once again taking a hit. The Democratic narrative that the Republicans would rather furlough all the AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS and MEAT INSPECTORS just to keep millionaires from paying a tiny bit more taxes is prevailing. The Republican/libertarian narrative that such fears are overblown/manufactured and the actual sequester-mandated cuts are tiny isn’t doing so well. Obviously, the party that controls the presidency and the MSM is bound to prevail in the clash of narratives. Meanwhile, we learn that various European newspapers are trumpeting that the pope really resigned because he couldn’t handle the truthful report about the new Vatican homosexual prostitute/blackmail/financial impropriety scandal. I have no opinion about the possible truth of those allegations, but they sure ain’t good for the CATHOLIC brand.

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