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Peter J. Leithart on Good Friday :

At the beginning of his prophecy, Isaiah gives a gruesome word portrait of the condition of Zion. She’s covered from head to toe with “bruises, welts, open wounds,” without bandages or balm. Zion longs for the Lord to bind up her wounds. She needs a physician, but the Lord sends another patient, as battered as she. She wants a makeover, but Yahweh sends a mirror: Behold my Servant! Behold yourself! How in hell does that help?

Also today, Joshua Schulz restates  the natural law case against same-sex marriage :
The natural law argument is that government has an interest in behavior that is essentially procreative and only accidentally sterile (through age or deliberate sterilization via contraception) and not in essentially non-procreative behavior. Procreative behavior is governed by norms of fidelity, exclusivity, and indissolubility because it is the kind of behavior that creates children, and such behavior creates rights in children that are correlative with parental duties in adults.



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