William Doino Jr. details the most recent criticism of Mother Teresa :

The expansion of Mother Teresa’s order speaks volumes about its integrity and effectiveness, but the support and admiration it has received has proven too much for some. On March 1, three Canadian academics—Serge Larivee, Genevieve Chenard, and Carole Senechal—released a report on Mother Teresa, renewing Hitchens’ criticism.

Also today, Valerie Weaver-Zercher explores the growing popularity of Amish romance novels :
The thrill of the chaste that animates Amish fiction is rooted not just in sexual purity, but in the broader sense of moral innocence.  Chastity  descends from the Latin term  castus,  meaning a state of being “morally pure” or “holy,” and this concept fuels the genre in several ways. The Amish, who reject public grid electricity, phones inside homes, and car ownership, are often viewed as chaste residents of an otherwise defiled larger culture.