The Irish public fails to see that Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s new bill to “clarify” the abortion statute in Ireland, says John Aroutiounian in today’s column , “is only the first front in a long-planned, well-coordinated storm.”

Never mind that the organization representing Ireland’s doctors  feels that the law is unnecessary , and never mind that countless medical experts  have testified  that abortion can compound the risk for women contemplating suicide.

The result, whether Kenny intends it or not, will mean a fatal break in the Irish pro-life consensus. The suicide loophole, which allows a woman to have an abortion if she receives the approval of three doctors, will quickly be exploited when information spreads regarding who the doctors sympathetic to the pro-choice cause are (see the  similar case of New Zealand ). And, within no time at all, Ireland will have  de facto  abortion on demand.

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