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George Weigel remembers Andrew Greeley in today’s column .

. . . Catholicism was duller after Greeley was felled by an accident in 2008, and the Church feels emptier since his death.

[One night] I found Andy and his secretary in the glory that was “Armando’s,” a trattoria near the Vatican that was the nocturnal GHQ for Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Fr. Raymond de Souza, Raymond Arroyo and others of our gang. Andy and I exchanged a few pleasantries about how things had changed since 1978; I’d rather hold onto that recollection of him than the memory of my surprise a year later when, in his own book on the 2005 papal transition, he went out of his way to put down my friends and me as “the Scary Guys” (i.e., supporters of John Paul II who didn’t fit the liberal stereotype of grumpy, troglodyte conservatives).

Read the full column here .

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