In today’s On the Square , George Weigel discusses a modern innovation in the Stations of the Cross that is not only not terrible, but actually very moving:

Outside the church, the priests and people of Pasierbiec have done something quite remarkable, however: they’ve recently constructed a stunning, contemporary Via Crucis , in which figures from modern Polish Catholic history are “inserted” into the traditional Stations of the Cross. The bronzes themselves are well-done, but what is particularly striking about the Pasierbiec Via Crucis is the idea that animates these sculptures—the idea that we can, and should, imagine ourselves living inside the biblical story. Or, if you prefer, the Pasierbiec Via Crucis is a powerful invitation to look at the world around us, including recent history, through lenses ground by biblical faith.

Read the rest here . There doesn’t seem to be much available about this church elsewhere on the Internet—at least, not in English—but the official church website has some pictures and a guide here , if you read Polish (or would just like to see some pictures).

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