In today’s On the Square , Janet Smith wonders: is she obsessed with social issues? Her answer is “yes,” but she doesn’t consider that a criticism:

A few paragraphs from Pope Francis’ famous interview in America have unsettled people for many reasons. My reason for being unsettled is that it would not be a complete distortion to say that I have been “obsessed” with the issues of abortion, contraception, and homosexuality for nearly all of my professional life. I prefer the terms “dedicated” or “committed,” of course.

Read the rest here . Like Elizabeth Scalia, then, it would seem that Dr. Smith recognizes these words are not for her.

As long-time readers of these headlines know, I usually try to make a small joke up there. Today, however, we’re putting the print issue to bed. Very serious. No time for joking. So: make the joke yourself! Candidates include : possession, confession, profession, intercession, depression, transgression, recession (topical!), secession (this word’s topical moment is past).

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