For New York area readers: the Crossroads Cultural Center is sponsoring the author of The Pope and the CEO , Andreas Widmer, speaking on Doing Business in a possibly dog-eat-dog world. He’ll be speaking at the American Bible Society (just up Broadway from Columbus Circle) two Fridays hence at 7:00. The talk is free.

“Nowadays,” the description runs,

it is a common cliche that the world of business must live by its own rules, and that the first rule is the systematic and relentless pursuit of one’s advantage, in a sort of Hobbesian ‘war of all against all.’ . . . Our humanity can be our biggest business asset. Our desire to meet with others and to work with them, our need to build something beautiful, our faith in God: all these things are good for business, and are in fact necessary to practice entrepreneurship happily and successfully, especially in the long term . . . .

Widmer is director of entrepreneurship programs at the Catholic University of America.

Update: The lecture is being given on the 22nd, not this coming Friday as originally written.

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