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So here are a couple of books that just came out:

Pope Benedict XVI and the Politics of Modernity (Routledge), edited by Marc Guerra—America’s greatest theologian. It includes a long chapter by me on the Christian view of personal logos, marriage, and other elements of rat choice theory.

The Science of Modern Virtue: On Descartes, Darwin, and Locke (Northern Illinois), edited by ME and Marc. It’s the central product of the Stuck with Virtue conferences held at Berry College and includes chapters by Tom Hibbs, our Sam Goldman, our Ralph, Darwinian Larry, Jim Stoner, Paul Seaton, our Sara Henary, and others. My chapter is the LONG version of Locke, Darwin, and American virtue, and Marc is all about Descartes. This book has an amazingly low price for a classy hardback.

Also: You can find a Symposium on Modern Virtue and Lockean America in the September/October SOCIETY, featuring the lead essay by me and various responses both positive and negative to me, including Ralph, Tom West, Frederick Turner, Peter Meyers (particularly judicious) and four others.

And I might as well mention: A Political Companion to Walker Percy (Kentucky), edited by ME and Brian Smith. Among its many virtues is essay by Father Schall. My contribution is an attempt, using Tocqueville and the Percys WALKER and WILL to come up with a Stoic and Puritanical correction to the American Founding that prooduces an American Thomism that Both Walker and Alexis could believe in.

Plus you can read very recent chapters by ME in the Festschrift for the Zuckerts (Notre Dame) on Locke, Tocqueville, and the Puritans, one in the recent Festschrift for Hadley Arkes (St. Augustine’s) on being a person these days, and one (that’s been around for a while) on Solzhenitsyn in the recen Festschrift for Father Schall.

If you love liberal education (and we all sure do), you can find essays by me in the fairly new issue of PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICAL SCIENCE) and forthcoming in the Winter issue of MODERN AGE.

Finally, my full teaching on The Man of Steel appears in the new issue of THE CITY.

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