New York Events:

Forming the Artist
Saturday, November 16
This third installment of the “The Art of the Beautiful” lecture series will be given by David Clayton, Artist-in-Residence and lecturer at Thomas More College. Thanks to the Catholic Artists Society and the Thomistic Institute for hosting these wonderful lectures. More information here .

Who’s Afraid of Modern Art 
Tuesday, November 19
“Dan Siedell, author of  God in the Gallery , a curator, and now a Presidential Scholar & Art Historian in Residence at The King’s College, presents ‘Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?’—a personal account of his journey as a Christian and as a curator and art critic devoted to modern and contemporary art.” Register for this free event  here .

Doing Business: A Dog-Eat-Dog World?
Friday, November 22
Crossroads and the American Bible Society present a conversation with Andreas Widner, director of Entrepreneurship Programs at the Catholic University of America on the topic of “why entrepreneurship is not about profit maximization and untamed competition.” This is a free event. Find out more  here .

C.S. Lewis: In Memoriam
Saturday, November 23
The Sheen Center and the New York C.S. Lewis Society “will commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of [Lewis’] death with distinguished speakers, panel discussions, a documentary film, much conversation, refreshments, a book table, and dinner.” Here is a  full schedule . For more information about the event and registration, visit  here .

And in Washington D.C.:

Faith: The Key to Unlocking the Scripture
Thursday, November 21
Fr. Ignacio Carbajosa will give a talk on his book Faith, the Fount of Exegesis in which he “uncovers the philosophical premises of the dominant [scriptural] interpretations and their deceptive claims to objectivity.” Presented by Crossroads and the Catholic Information Center, this free event’s details can be found  here .

Leland Award Lecture on Religious Liberty
Friday, December 13
“Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, will host The Leland Award Lecture on Religious Liberty featuring Robert P. George . . . The event will be held from 2:00 to 3:30 PM EST at the Rayburn House Office Building in the Gold Room, #2168, and is open for media to attend.” For more information, visit here

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