As has Rita (my wife).  And so your present may be a little late this year.

Big issues facing our nation:

1. A Duck guy on the reality show was so realistic as to give his real view of homosexuality and Christian sexual ethics, not to mention his own vagina monologue.  When I watched the Duck show for a few minutes a while ago, I found it a little contrived.  Is the current controversy a bolt from the blue or a bit of pro-wrestling? It goes without saying the Duck Dynasty will survive.

2. Is Santa Clause white?  It goes without saying that the question is dumb.  But: Is Santa Clause really fat?  Or really a man?

3. Traditional conservatives (Pat Deneen, MacIntyreans)  love the pope when he’s against capitalism.  But they rebuke him when he tries to make Christian ethics less centered on sex.  And even more when he seems to conflate decentering sexual ethics with talking less about abortion and the life issues in general.  Non-traditionalist conservatives (such as Robby George) have some reason to think he’s thrice moved in the wrong direction.  Is he too fideist and not enough about natural law?   Is he too media friendly? Or just media savvy at a time when the church needed a bit of “rebranding”?  Does he really know what he’s doing?  He is certainly a good man.  It goes without saying I have no answers, only questions.  And maybe not even the right questions.

4.  Is the main fact about the Obama administration right now incompetence (Peggy Noonan) or evil geniuses deliberating wrecking limited government?

5. Alabama could have beaten Florida State.  Auburn, though?




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