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Well, since we’re on a roll into despondency this week, how about this chart, showing the Rise of the Independents?

Note the how last year’s numerous and fundamental failures of Obama and his brand of liberalism translated into almost no further depression of Democratic self-identification. Notice how they did nothing to prevent a further dip in GOP identification!

Explain away, if you wish, but my explanation is a simple one:  the increasing political foolishness and ideological pride of Americans.

That is, as the current governance patterns, mostly the work of the Democratic Party, are on an undeniable disaster course, the explanations I hear people give for voting Libertarian, or for boycotting the Republican party as a way to “fight RINO-ism,” sound increasingly absurd and self-indulgent.

New Flash: we are one presidential election away from a 7-to-2 or 6-to-3 liberal-dominated Supreme Court for the rest of our lifetimes. Or just pick your issue, and Imagine President Hillary on it, if you can.

Because what the Rise of the Independents really means is the Downfall of our Republic.

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