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One week ago, First Things began a ten-day campaign to help us reach our end of year goal of raising $400,000 from our magazine and online readers. I’m happy to report that we have raised $285,190.04 thus far! That means we have just $114,809.96 left to raise to meet our $400,000 goal.

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If you’ve been paying attention to culture, politics, and society over the past year, you already know how needed First Things voice is today. Each month, the magazine has been filled with men and women who have the courage to speak and be heard. Nora Calhoun wrote about deep conversion to the pro-life cause. Michael Hannon wrote against the ideology of homosexuality. Every day, carries forthright commentary on current events. We do not hide our light under a bushel.

We’re a voice for that which is best in our country—and our culture. In their haunting stories of working-class America’s decline, “Alone in America,” David and Amber Lapp called us back to our best traditions of solidarity. Elizabeth Corey reminded us of the romance of learning. David Lyle Jeffrey explained the spiritual vision of Marc Chagall.

I believe these and the countless other pieces we have published, both in print and online, make an indispensable contribution. The truth cannot overcome falsehood unless it is spoken. The truth cannot be savored unless served. The truth cannot win converts if we don’t bear witness.

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R. R. Reno

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