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Leslie Burke’s Web Site

For those interested in the Leslie Burke case in the UK, here is his WEB site.Burke is the man who sued for the legal right to receive a feeding tube if he loses the ability to swallow. He won at the trial court level, but amazingly, the medical authorities and the government of the UK have . . . . Continue Reading »

The Leslie Burke Case

I just returned from the UK where I appeared on numerous BBC broadcasts and lectured throughout the country. As it turns out, one of the most important bioethics cases is about to be argued in the Court of Appeal there. Leslie Burke has a degenerating neurological disease that may eventually prevent . . . . Continue Reading »

Short Hiatus

I am traveling to the UK to speak and debate on euthansia and assisted suicide. I’ll be gone a week. Secondhand Smoke will return upon my return. Thanks to those who visit here regularly for your interest in my . . . . Continue Reading »

More on the PETA Non Apology "Apology"

I wrote a piece about it at NRO. Here is the actual statement from Ingrid Newkirk. Know this: PETA literally believes that eating meat is equivalent to participating in death camps, and that cattle farming is the same morally as the old slave plantations. PETA is not about animal welfare, which . . . . Continue Reading »

Man Awakens and Speaks After 10 Years

Gee, some people are connecting this story of the unexpected improvement of a profoundly cogntively impaired man with the Terri Schiavo case. Wonder why? Perhaps it is because if this fellow had been treated the way Michael Schiavo treated Terri, he wouldn’t have been alive to enjoy his . . . . Continue Reading »

NAS’s Ethical Guidelines Miss the Mark

As I wrote earlier, the NAS has developed Guidelines to govern embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic human cloning. In actuality, these voluntary and unenforceable guidelines would limit little that can be done today. In essence, they are a PR cover for anything goes. This is my extended take . . . . Continue Reading »



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