Faith Without a Hitch

“There she is, speaking through broken English, she’s poorly educated, she’s no match for Hitchens in debate, and yet her whole life trumped every single argument he could make — all the clever arguments that he could make against God and God’s existence.”Gayle . . . . Continue Reading »

On Rejecting “Evangelical Feminism”

Our culture seems to be in a tug of war over who represents the truest form of feminism. The political landscape has no doubt opened up this can of worms with Bachman and Palin discussed as examples of “evangelical feminism.” Both of these women have proven that women are capable and . . . . Continue Reading »

The Moral Landscape (a review)

Does science have anything to tell us about the nature of morality? Could use of the scientific method help us apprehend the nature of good and evil? Sam Harris certainly thinks so as he appeals to the burgeoning field of neuroscience as the pathway to discovering objective moral facts. For example, . . . . Continue Reading »

All Truth is God’s Truth - So?

The assertion that “all truth is God’s truth” obviously doesn’t reflect a relativistic outlook on the existence or nature of truth. Those who express this sentiment truly do believe there is truth to be discovered. In a pluralistic context, however, where the epistemological . . . . Continue Reading »

Priest Squares Off with Atheists

“The question isn’t so much whether it’s possible to be morally good without religion.  It’s like saying is it possible to dig a hole with a teaspoon.  Sure, but wouldn’t you rather do it with a backhoe?”Gayle spoke with Father Thomas Williams LC about . . . . Continue Reading »

Evil and the Cross

Today we think about an event that was not only the result of evil, but also the reason for allowing evil to exist in the first place. That event is the revealing of the perfection and beauty of God’s grace and righteousness through the demonstration of both on the cross:For all have sinned . . . . Continue Reading »