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We Have…

From First Thoughts

such things in our public discourse as Sheila Jackson Lee’s outburst accusing opponents of a debt ceiling increase on our current President’s terms as motivated by racism.  I guess we have to address them, even though time, energy, and attention would be more enjoyably spent . . . . Continue Reading »

Losing to Themselves

From First Thoughts

Everybody needs to read William Voegeli’s awesome post  on how Obama is running circles around the congressional Republicans in the public argument over the debt ceiling increase and cutting the deficit.  Somehow Obama is now the one who is serious about controlling the . . . . Continue Reading »

Why (Or Why Not) Rick Perry?

From First Thoughts

I  don’t know what to think about Rick Perry running for President.  I sure don’t have anything against him running, but several points as to Perry’s political strengths, 1.  Perry gets a lot of credit because Texas under his governorship has had population increase . . . . Continue Reading »