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How Huckabee Might Win

From First Thoughts

In a brilliant study of the Republican nominating electorate, Henry Olsen identifies four kinds of Republican primary and caucus voter. The breakdown of those groups gives Mike Huckabee a chance to emerge as the Republican nominee. From largest to smallest, these groups are the somewhat . . . . Continue Reading »

When Technocracy Has A Party

From First Thoughts

What to make of the recently scuttled FCC study of newsrooms? Gabriel Rossman argues that the FCC’s proposed study of the story selection by media outlets could usefully inform future FCC decisions to deregulate the communications industry. Meanwhile, Jesse Walker argues that the proposed . . . . Continue Reading »

Enough Talk About Entrepreneurs

From First Thoughts

In the documentary “Mitt,” Romney talks about a business owner who was complaining about his tax burden. The business owner didn’t just pay income taxes. There were also the payroll taxes and gas taxes. Fair enough, but what about Romney’s infamous 47 percent comment in . . . . Continue Reading »

Forgetting Middle America

From Web Exclusives

Speaking at a party retreat, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told his colleagues that the party had spent too much time talking about the concerns of business owners and entrepreneurs and not enough about the concerns of that majority who were not (and in many cases did not want to be) business . . . . Continue Reading »

Can There Be Ted Cruz Democrats?

From First Thoughts

Over on twitter, Sean Trende points out that since 2000, in forty-nine competitive Senate races, the Republican Senate candidate has run ahead of the Republican presidential candidate in only fourteen. The astute Dan McLaughlin wrote that this  was a “staggering indictment” of the . . . . Continue Reading »