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What Crisis in the Black Church?

When we cut through the many good reasons that lead social scientists to study religion, we find ourselves in the end confronting questions about politics. Whether subtly or straightforwardly, with explicit or only veiled references to the Marxian axiom that religion is an opiate, the analytical . . . . Continue Reading »

The Many Causes of Environmentalism

The Woodstock Center at Georgetown University is where some distinguished Jesuits, and some less distinguished Jesuits, fiddle with their theological fretwork. A recent Woodstock Report is entirely given over to fretting about today’s favorite crisis, the environment. It comes with a recommended . . . . Continue Reading »

Edwards and America

America’s Theologian: A Recommendation of Jonathan Edwardsby robert jenson oxford university press, 224 pages, $26 At first glance it is surprising that an avowedly Lutheran theologian, steeped, by his own admission, in the European theological tradition, should find so much to recommend in . . . . Continue Reading »

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