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The New York Times's Misanthropy

The mainstream media are misanthropic. Article after column after editorial published in our most prominent news outlets promote the view that human exceptionalism is hubristic and arrogant. If we would just rank ourselves alongside the other animals in the forest, we are told repeatedly, we would . . . . Continue Reading »

Evangelicals and Animals

Ribs are getting harder to eat. I was gnawing on some nice tender bones in Memphis recently, but those bones were gnawing on me. Try as I might—and there are many days that I do indeed try to recapture the bliss of ignorance—I know too much about where that pork comes from to just devour it . . . . Continue Reading »

ALF Admits London Terrorist Arson

I reported yesterday on the shameful and criminal firebombing of Dr. Edythe London’s house. One commentator thought I might have jumped to a conclusion. But the despicable ALF has now bragged about their felonious conduct. From the anonymous press release: After promising to return if she . . . . Continue Reading »

Kitty Hate Crime

Dan Piraro, the creator of Bizarrzo, a feature I quite like, is a self-proclaimed vegan and animal rights adherent. This cartoon, in which the cat is depicted as evil for wanting to eat the birds, is a classic example of the hyper-romanticism of the mindset. Earth to Piraro: To the cat, the bird is . . . . Continue Reading »

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