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The Man Show

Be sure to tune in tonight to catch my friend and friend of this site Matthew B. Crawford on the Colbert Report . He’ll be talking about surly men, the need for speed, and his great book, Shop Class as Soulcraft . Hopefully he’ll also refer to himself as “the anti-Michael . . . . Continue Reading »

Summer Reading in the House of Curiosities

Not that all of this is either explicitly religious or — any of it — kitschy; it’s just what there is to write about today, while I wait for the next person to send in some oddity or other. The Five- and Six-Year-Olds (who get read aloud to together): Secret Water by Arthur . . . . Continue Reading »

Balzac, of all things

Here are a couple of excerpts from a brilliant decoding of Balzac’s esotericism, accomplished by Scott Sprenger, a colleague of mine at BYU. Consider the applications to the analysis of Straussianism, and to a post-Straussian postmodern critique of modernity: The fundamental problem that . . . . Continue Reading »

Heirs to the Kingdom

I can’t talk about the material culture of religion without, at least sometimes, talking about homeschooling. Of course, all stereotypes aside, homeschooling is not exclusively a religious phenomenon; when we began homeschooling, it was not for religious reasons, but because our oldest . . . . Continue Reading »

Note to Bill

The comment you left asking me if I knew of a source for those ribbon-bookmark thingies got lost in the blog-changeover shuffle, and I’m worrying about the repetitive-stress-injury potential which your breviary poses. Might these be what you’re looking for? You can order them from St. . . . . Continue Reading »

Hobbes, Hamlet, and Individuality

The skill in desire and aversion is knowing how to preserve the practical self from dissolution. — OAKESHOTT As will one day be elaborated in a dissertation, Machiavelli’s eponymous Prince lived — and killed — by surfeit of this virtu ; Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet . . . . Continue Reading »

A Secular Political Philosophy

Charles Taylor’s monumental (or at least huge) A Secular Age is, I suppose, old news already, but, as usual, it has taken me a long time to figure out how to undo Taylor with his own statements, and so now of course I have to share. Finally I’ve figured out this out, and I thought you . . . . Continue Reading »

Help Your Self

My friend Matt Crawford has written a book ! It is a very good book! I will have more to say about it later! But for now, go read this warm review of Shop Class as Soulcraft , by Slate ‘s Michael Agger! . . . . Continue Reading »

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