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Recasting Religious Freedom

Few among us concerned for the defense of religious freedom can doubt that these have become dark times indeed. Most recently, arguments have been brought before the Supreme Court—there has been a veritable cascade of briefs—against the government on Obamacare. Many of these have one way . . . . Continue Reading »

Constitutionally Catholic

The tension between American democracy, capitalism, and culture is acute—more acute, perhaps, than at any time in our history. Even the best human fruits of this nation’s founding principles are in peril. I mean the principles of natural rights and the internal constitution of checks and . . . . Continue Reading »

Egypt’s New Constitution

Via The Arabist , I found this primer on the new Egyptian constitution, by one Zaid Al-Ali at Open Democracy . Very thorough, and plausibly seeking to lay out the good news and the bad, from a broadly liberal perspective. The summation: Altogether, in comparison with Egypt’s constitutional . . . . Continue Reading »

Halloween Costume Recommendations

Person One: The U.S. Constitution , the text as a poster board visible but all torn and battered up, and some kind of Obama-branded SHREDDER as a prop. Person Two: The U.S. Economy —here all that’s needed is lots of fake bruises, bleeding, chains, crumpled bills, slow-sickly movements, . . . . Continue Reading »

Git-R-Done v. the Constitution

Scholars we pomocons like, such as Charles Kesler and Jeremy Rabkin, review Obama’s overall pattern of consulting the Constitution when considering action. And the overall pattern is by now clear: He doesn’t. H/T Instapundit. P.S. Anyone read much of the new Kesler book yet? . . . . Continue Reading »

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