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IKEA and the Disposable Economy

Megan , who’s started a dialogue with Ellen Ruppel Shell (author of the new book Cheap ), has some ruminations on the infamous maker of shelves with short shelf lives. Lots to digest, including some deee-lightful ancedotes from the bad old days of furniture so durable you seemed to be stuck . . . . Continue Reading »

Atheists on the Attack

Noted Neuro-Buddhist Sam Harris has this to say about the President’s choice to head the NIH: Dr. Collins has written that “science offers no answers to the most pressing questions of human existence” and that “the claims of atheistic materialism must be steadfastly . . . . Continue Reading »

Celebrating Obscenity

It’s official. Cultural libertarians have jumped the shark. Read this article and marvel. That’s right, the author isn’t celebrating the fact that citizens have a right to be vulgar, but rather the fact that citizens are vulgar. James’ article on the ‘Sex . . . . Continue Reading »

Dignity vs. Honor on the Front Porch

Reihan has a nice two-post roundup of relatively sane commentary on the Gates imbroglio. We could have an interesting conversation about race, memory, and HONOR in America (as opposed to mere or simple dignity), roping ole Tocqueville back into it, or not; either way, it does seem right to conclude . . . . Continue Reading »

A stopped Marxist clock…

I don’t normally frequent the anarcho-syndicalist enclaves of the blogosphere, but my curiosity was piqued by the ongoing saga of the “Tarnac 9” , whose penchant for absurdism combined with neo-Benedictinism is at least somewhat endearing. As it happens, the now-released . . . . Continue Reading »

Whither the Atlantic Alliance?

DC-area reader? Care about foreign policy? See me and several actual foreign-policy professionals discuss the fate of NATO and the future of the West , tomorrow in town. Wink from the audience and I’ll reference space wars, though probably not Star Wars. UPDATE: hear the whole thing. . . . . Continue Reading »

NASA Needs a Philosopher

According to Tom Wolfe , our space program needs a philosophic justification to get the “godlike” adventure that gave us all that right stuff going again. Here are a few random thoughts in that direction. I’m not saying I agree with them or that I’m volunteering to be a . . . . Continue Reading »

In Praise of Peter Lawler and Dixie

Peter’s delightful post, “Localism,” takes his work to a new level of literary achievement. This is the stuff of anthologies and “Greatest Works” collections. It is singularly brilliant, it reveals him not as your stereotypical “pointy-headed” philosophy . . . . Continue Reading »

Solidarity, Hegemony, Individuality

Our PAL has made a comment down there that deserves some above-the-fold riffing. He writes that Locke knew nominalism would become more true as a description, but it could never become completely true. Part of the description of world where words are weapons and nothing but is of the incessant . . . . Continue Reading »

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