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Left Out

Encyclopedia of the American Leftedited by mary jo buhle, paul buhle, and dan georgakasgarland, 928 pages, $95Out of all the tragedies and horrors of Communist rule in the last seventy years there emerges a blessing: the fact that Marxists and socialists were actually able to put their ideas into . . . . Continue Reading »

The Necktie Gap

The Resurgent Liberal: And Other Unfashionable Prophecies by robert reich random house, 303 pages, $19.95 There are no liberal neckties. At a conservative gathering one will generally find a smattering of Adam Smith neckties. In the back of conservative magazines, there are likely to be one-column . . . . Continue Reading »

Liberalism and Catholicism

Free Persons and the Common Goodby michael novakmadison books, 244 pages, $17.95 A number of commentators— among them David Hollenbach, John Langan, and myself—have argued that the American Catholic Bishops' pastoral letters, and even the Pope's recent encyclicals, represent in some . . . . Continue Reading »

The Capitalism & Morality Debate

The decade of the 1980s has proved to be an ideological watershed. It has been marked by a huge resurgence of the power and efficacy of the capitalist market system and a corresponding collapse of confidence in the capacity of socialist “command economies.” This loss of confidence in . . . . Continue Reading »

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