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Is There Prayer on Mars?

Mars, the Red Planet, has stoked the imagination of stargazers for a long, long time. Could life exist on our planetary neighbor? Most recently, NASA announced that it appears that liquid water, at least occasionally, flows there. A manned landing is certainly within the realm of possibility. . . . . Continue Reading »

“In Bruges” in Bruges

Rome is the foundation of the University of Notre Dame architecture and urban design curriculum, and properly so. Nevertheless, every year for the past ten years I have traveled from Notre Dame to meet a new class of graduate urban design students (themselves up from Rome on spring break) for a week in the small historic city of Bruges. Where is Bruges? It’s in Belgium. Continue Reading »

Ralph Fiennes’ CORIOLANUS

I’ve finally now seen the recent film production of Coriolanus , starring and directed by Ralph Fiennes, and it is as I feared , a failure. It’s one of these updating adaptations of a Shakespeare play—in this case the politics and warfare of the early Roman city-state gets refitted . . . . Continue Reading »

Super 8 Great, Powerline Wrong

One of the guys at the indispensable Powerline, following the lead of Big Hollywood, is saying that the new film Super 8 fits the anti-military pattern we’ve been seeing for years with liberal Hollywood. Well, I saw it at a drive-in, and it was an E-ticket all the way. Very fun, and a . . . . Continue Reading »

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