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La Belle Tontina

For Nicola I send fond wishes to a horse named TontoAnd you, sweet Nicola, who once was wont toCross a busy London thoroughfareTo ride about the Common on this mare.But there’s another matter that’s still pending,And that’s her boyish name you keep defending. A change to something like La . . . . Continue Reading »

Eden Park

this is not the woodsand wildlife is not two chipmunks scampering across the sidewalk the trees stand here in landscaped disorder shrugging leaves with seasoned . . . . Continue Reading »

Passing Port Royal

I see the treesyou’ve seen and knownpoised in mute witnessthe baled hay hunchedlike insatiable livestockgnawing its wayback to the earththe river muttering madlyits secrets swallowedunder the . . . . Continue Reading »

Olive Bed

“There was a bole of an olive tree with long leaves growing Strongly in the courtyard, and it was thick, like a column. I laid down my chamber around this.” The Odyssey, Book XXIIIWhere but in bed does the world begin. Where man and woman know, like children. By touch and taste, by gentlest . . . . Continue Reading »

Complex Phenomena

The rules of chaos are simple: A mountain is never a perfect cone. A lake is never really a circle. A dropof dew is not a microcosm. No. Flowers wither. Dust collects. There is therelentless return of what we do not want. Everything inclines to disorder. But then how . . . . Continue Reading »

Postcard to a Friend in Tuscany

Charlottesville, 9:00 A.M.For once, snow; its drapery everywhere Like the pure wool of midnight, The thoughtless swooning of a shawl.On the porch outside my window Six sparrows breakfast on seeds. Their world gone white, their life Suddenly monastic and severe.No wind; yet . . . . Continue Reading »

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