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“With clouds descending,” says the book,the day of his appearing, thus,might, just as any other, lookat first like when from broken skies to usa sudden ray of sun shines through,greening the ground on which we stand. Some dissent. In these dark times newwording twists; others demandno word be . . . . Continue Reading »

Matthew 10:42

St. Patron’s School depends on your supportTo clothe the Native children, care for, feed,And to provide affection of the sortWe understand all human beings need. Enclosed in these white envelopes, please findDreamcatchers in a popsicle arrayOf shades, to clear the nightmares from your . . . . Continue Reading »

This Blue

The way the light of youfinds me through the hot,bright unnamable blue, that square of ancient glassin the high apse window,backlit at mid-day Mass: blue should not feel like burning,like a blazing lighthouse lamp,so here I am, learning this color like a childtoo young for words: this blueto seek . . . . Continue Reading »

Cáer’s Dream

In dream, she fished with silk of swans,Baited her hooks of hammered bronze With rainbow strips of cuttlefish,And might have paused to make a wish Or prayed her prayer for daily breadBefore she cast the humming thread Into the seven seas of years,Into the music of the spheres, Into the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Exile of a Moment

Clouds like ice broken on the surface of a lake,Shifting forms of Pangaea that gravitate towards the sun,Light rising bright impenetrable and distant. I wait with ease in the terminal in a plastic seat.But in memory and in future and in other heartsIs a tension—to get where you are needing to . . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas Sonnet

My oldest son worked hard to rake the leavesInto a corner of our yard. Proud to proveWhat all his sweat and effort had achieved,He took my hand, suggesting where he’d moveThe rest tomorrow, to be burned. I gaveFive dollars for the work, advising oneTo spend, one to tithe, the other three, to . . . . Continue Reading »


I was grown before I knew the moonwaxed and waned that way,waxed in a D and waned in a C.Since no one ever showed me,I showed my children, probablyfrom the first time we looked at the night sky. Though you might have known this scientifically,sometimes you have to go to the other side of the . . . . Continue Reading »

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