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Free Digital Church Year Calendar

Did you know that there is a free digital calendar for the Christian Church Year, along with the secular calendar, available here? There are a variety of formats: Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, iCal and Google Calendar. Courtesy of Concordia Publishing House. It includes every Sunday in the Church . . . . Continue Reading »

Advice for Aspiring Preachers

My son, John, has expressed an interest in becoming a pastor and the other day, after he heard me preach, he asked, “Dad, do you get nervous and scared when you have to preach?” It was an interesting question. I thought for a moment and said, “No, John, honestly, I don’t get . . . . Continue Reading »

What happened to the old sins?

Really — where did they go?It used to be wrong to gamble.  It violated the Christian work ethic.It used to be that a church would not accept gambling winnings as an offering.  I wonder how many wink at it today.Heavy alcohol consumption is not blogged about.  I wonder if it is . . . . Continue Reading »

Non-Preacher Preaching Here . . .

When you are a Christian academic with a doctorate, many people assume that you are a seminarian and thus ask you to preach.  During the past couple of years, I have been called upon to do it a few times and have always accepted because it just seems like the thing one should do.Today, I had . . . . Continue Reading »

An Evangelical Without the Gospel?

The circus that is Haggard (Ted, not Merle) launched a new act this week —- he’s starting a new church at his home in Colorado.  Just three years since the former megachurch pastor scandalized himself with a male prostitute, he is now ready to “to do something in [their] house . . . . Continue Reading »

Two Cheers for Bad Preaching

Young preachers, your first few sermons are always terrible, no matter who you are. If you think your first few sermons are great, you’re probably self-deceived. If the folks in your home church think your first few sermons are great, it’s probably because they love you and they’re . . . . Continue Reading »

In Defense of Disbelief

A healthy dose of Christian disbelief or “holy skepticism” would serve as a much-needed antidote to the soft-core spirituality that saps much of contemporary Christianity, especially in its evangelical expression. An anti-doctrinal sentimentality often rules the worship and the art of our . . . . Continue Reading »

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