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The Grand Design (Book Review)

Book ReviewSome of the thinkers most opposed to theories of design are also the most preoccupied with it. Richard Dawkins wrote The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence for Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design. Stephen Hawking’s recent book was titled simply The Grand Design. The two . . . . Continue Reading »

On Opinion and Judgement

Recently I was asked my opinion on anthropogenic global warming. In the ensuing discussion, there was criticism of my rejection of “the majority opinion of ‘experts’” as a good or valid method to base my position. Having rejected that, I was asked by what means, if not the . . . . Continue Reading »

Resources on Science and Religion

Based on the comments I received from my blog posts on the science and religion debate, I want to point Evangel readers in the direction of some resources that would inform the conversation because––with the exception of a few interlocutors––pervasive ignorance and fear seem to . . . . Continue Reading »

Eugenics v Autism

In April, 2009, a draft report from NVAC raised the question of whether the apparent cause of autism coming from vaccinations was not due to the presence of mercury but instead might be due to the presence of, and an interaction with, the aborted fetus (human) DNA in the vaccine. Teresa Deisher . . . . Continue Reading »

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