Modern Man [1]

Just to keep things interesting, I’m posting my response to JMR on the front page here. I thank him for his engagement on this issue, even if he is actually wrong about a lot of things.I think the heart of our disagreement is the Bible and how to read it.I think that’s unquestionably . . . . Continue Reading »

Secularism and Britt Hume

The Big Hollywood blogger and actor Adam Baldwin, recently of the television series Chuck and Firefly, has taken up his virtual pen to defend Britt Hume from those who have criticized him for suggesting that Tiger Woods should consider Christianity in his time of crisis. Hume made the . . . . Continue Reading »

Religion, Culture, and Humanity

I recently gave an interview to the Georgia Family Council (where I worked as a younger fellow) about my book for their website.  Here is an excerpt I think might interest readers:What made you decide to write your book The End of Secularism?I wrote this book for a few reasons. I . . . . Continue Reading »

Secularism and Polytheism?

A colleague offered me the following piece of correspondence from the Financial Times.  It is a letter written by Dr. Gautam Pingle, who serves as a dean with the College of India.  He writes:Sir,[unimportant first para deleted] Intolerance bred by the monotheism of the People of the Book . . . . Continue Reading »

More on the Topic of Solving Poverty

Gene Fant opened this conversation up, so I’ll dive in.I think it is interesting that anyone, such as the person Dr. Fant refers to, could think that the federal government can effectively solve the problem of poverty.  I don’t think it can because it resolutely refuses to confront . . . . Continue Reading »


As with most academic traditions, and especially those that are viewed as soft, there are orthodoxies and fashions, and sometimes sudden turns, that are conventionally described—following Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions of almost half a century ago—as paradigm shifts. . . . . Continue Reading »

For Luddite Humanism

Now that researchers at George Washington University Medical Center have split human embryos, thereby producing genetically identical twin embryos, cloning human beings is on the table for national debate. Reactions to the event at George Washington have been varied. Some people (the Vatican, . . . . Continue Reading »