What Euthanasia Enthusiasts Really Want

Assisted-suicide advocacy is wrapped in euphemisms and false assurances. We are often told that medicalized killing will be “a last resort” reserved for the terminally ill, to be deployed only in the context of a long-term relationship with a caring doctor and, even then, strictly when there is . . . . Continue Reading »

When We Turn Inward

The followers of Jesus Christ must manifest a confidence that the truth that sets us free is everyone’s truth, and not just a subjective truth peculiar to our own community. We should, in short, not be content to turn inward but ought always to reach out to the larger world. Continue Reading »

"The Culture of Death is Heroin"

I have a piece in the new Center for Bioethics and the Culture Newsletter, expanding on my earlier SHS comment about a new “how-to-commit-suicide” book in the Netherlands. It is a pretty good nutshell summary of the collapse of Dutch medical ethics and what happens when euthanasia is is . . . . Continue Reading »