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A friend has just sent me some photographs of a "peace" demonstration on the streets of London. It is, however, a "peace" demonstration with a difference and is most definitely not the sort of "peace" demonstration that my mind’s eye sees when it thinks of such events. This "peace" demonstration has no latter-day wannabe hippies informing us that all we need is "luv" (without responsibility). Rather, it’s a "Religion of Peace" demonstration, and the "peaceful" religion it demonstrates is Islam.

The placards and banners brandished by these practitioners of "peace" speak for themselves:

"Slay those who insult Islam" "Behead those who insult Islam" "Massacre those who insult Islam" "Butcher those who mock Islam" "Europe you will pay, demolition is on its way" "Europe you will pay, extermination is on its way" "Exterminate those who slander Islam" "Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer" "Islam will dominate the world" "Freedom go to hell" "Europe take some lessons from 9/11" "Be prepared for the real Holocaust"

Massacre, extermination, beheadings and holocaust¯the Religion of Peace. Any further comment would be superfluous. This particular religion quite literally speaks for itself.

I was, however, taken by one image in which a demonstrator, concealing his identity with an Arab headdress, is brandishing a placard declaring that "Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way." Walking beside him is a policeman, turning a conspicuous blind eye to this glorification of, and incitement to, terrorism. The police, it seems, have more important things to do than offend "community relations" with Britain’s burgeoning Muslim population by arresting "peaceful" demonstrators. For instance, they have to keep Britain safe from an outspoken mother of six who dared criticize Britain’s new civil-partnerships act, which gave homosexuals the "right" to adopt children. Lynette Burrows, a devout Christian and a campaigner for family rights, dared to suggest, during a live radio interview, that allowing homosexual "couples" to adopt children would leave the children at increased risk of sexual abuse. As a result of this exercise of her free speech, and her expression of obvious plain common sense, she was visited the following day by a police officer, cautioning her officially for alleged "homophobia." A spokesman for Scotland Yard explained that racist and homophobic incidents were considered "priority crimes." "It is all about reassuring the community," he explained.

Needless to say, Mrs. Burrows was proved right in her fears: Within a few months of the new law being passed, the first homosexual couple was charged with systematically abusing young boys whom they’d adopted.

There is a darkly comic dimension to this whole sad, sorry state of affairs. If, as the "peaceful" Muslims proclaim, Islam is destined to "dominate the world" (or England at any rate), the "freedom" to practice homosexuality will "go to hell," as will so many of the other freedoms cherished by liberal secularists. It is grimly ironic that, in their ethno-masochistic disdain for Europe and the Christendom that forged it, liberals have unwittingly imported the seeds of their own destruction. Muslims consider liberalism to be a "cancer" to which Islam is the answer. The fate of the liberals in the future Eurabia does not look good. May the God in whom they do not believe help them. And may he forgive my own irresistible sense of schadenfreude at the whole pathetic scenario. As for me, I’m with Mrs. Burrows against the world and all the fallacious "peace" it has to offer. With Shakespeare’s Mercutio, I end with a note of defiance to Islam and its liberal enemy: A plague a’ both houses!

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