Dear Friends,

I’d like to explain our new approach to publishing First Things online. 

First, we give away at least three articles every month, as we did in the past. There’s been no change in that policy. We want to engage readers as much as possible. 

Second, as has always been the case, the archives are open (issues older than a year are free). You can read our great material from past issues at any time. 

Third, as was the case in the past, if you want to read all the articles in current or recent issues, you need to pay our very modest subscription fee of $19.95 per year (subscribe here). We need your subscription support to put out a great magazine, so I’m sure you understand our need to charge a modest fee. 

Fourth and finally, we recognize that some readers get really excited about a single article, but don’t want to subscribe. So we now offer single articles for sale: $1.99. That gives you the option of sampling current content without committing to a year-long membership. 

In sum: Now you have more options for low cost access to everything you want to read. Of course, the best option is a year-long subscription. But you’d expect me to say that . . .

Thanks for being a regular reader and a co-conspirator for truth. 


R. R. Reno

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