The Loser Letters

I hope you guys all know that it’s a bit daunting having this much expert firepower trained on my little book“kind of like having the National Symphony Orchestra sit in on a first grader’s piano recital. I can only hope that if in the course of the book, or this talk, I commit any literary sins of the theological variety, all the eminent religious leader here will just do the obvious Christian thing”and keep quiet about them. Remember, it’s Lent… . Continue Reading »

The April Issue Is Here!

The April Issue of First Things is now available on newstands and online! This issue is filled with thoughtful essays, critical reviews, and lovely poetry”all of which, for a limited time, you can access for free below! For starters, here’s film critic Armond White’s excellent piece in this issue, “Do Film Critics Matter?””the perfect piece to read following Hollywood’s recent Oscars season. Continue Reading »

Do Movie Critics Matter?

It’s always a good year at the movies, even if the great films can be counted on a few digits and never get mentioned at the Academy Awards. That’s why we need film critics”to help us understand the state of movies, our cultural life, and our general moral and political being… . Continue Reading »

Make the Democrats Pay for Appeasement

Among the hot-button issues in the November elections, support for Israel will figure prominently. But the issue is not Israel, and surely not the eventual construction of apartments in East Jerusalem. It is the Administration’s neglect or sabotage of vital security interests of the United States… . Continue Reading »

Rally for Nigeria

On Sunday, March 8, five hundred Christians were killed”slaughtered with machetes by Fulani Muslims in the Nigerian state of Plateau. The latest in religious clashes that the state has seen in recent months… . Continue Reading »

The Sanest of Men

We are now a few weeks into the Chinese New Year (a year of the Tiger, elementally specified as metal, metaphysically specified as yang), and this seems a fairly auspicious time to pay tribute to one of my favorite of Chinese culture’s immortals … Continue Reading »