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Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

I started reading it when it came out a couple of years ago, and I would like to say it is the kind of book you can’t put down but, distracted by something or the other, I did put it aside until the trip to Poland a couple of weeks ago. Gilead , like the town by that name, is fictional, or so . . . . Continue Reading »

Vatican and Lebanon

The situation in the Middle East has been changing so rapidly, it seems impossible to have timely commentary on it. The best outcome one can imagine is a restoration of Lebanon. Hezbollah has been for years an organization existing in the cracks of modern nation-states. It is in certain ways a . . . . Continue Reading »

Movies by M. Night Shyamalan

"Who would presume to know the intentions of another human being?" someone asks in Lady in the Water . Who indeed, but the most prosaic and literal-minded of critics? And it is to his critics that M. Night Shyamalan has really addressed both this question and his latest film¯critics . . . . Continue Reading »

Stem cells and Prof. Geoffrey Stone

Over on the University of Chicago law school’s faculty website, Prof. Geoffrey Stone posted an argument about embryonic stem cells that’s quite revealing, in its way. The post garnered some attention from other law professors, here and here , for instance. The always interesting Eugene . . . . Continue Reading »

Algeria and Father Christian de Cherge

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an interesting story about Henri Tessier, the elderly archbishop of Algeria, "where he has been witness to what he says is the slow ‘death of a church.’" The immediate purpose of a Christian presence in Algeria, he claims, "is not to . . . . Continue Reading »

JB: 7.20.06 We were unable to get away…

We were unable to get away from New York to attend President Bush’s stem-cell speech yesterday, but our friend Wesley J. Smith flew from California to see the event, and he promised to let us know how it went: I attended President Bush’s stem cell speech yesterday, and I have to say, it . . . . Continue Reading »

JB: 7.18.06 Amy Welborn…

Amy Welborn seems to have given up the editorship of the "Loyola Classics" that Loyola Press puts out , but while she was working on the project, she got several good writers to pen introductions to a range of interesting reprints of Catholic fiction. By the end, though, Welborn had . . . . Continue Reading »



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