The Future of Religious Freedom: Global Challenges
edited by allen d. hertzke 
oxford, 386 pages, $29.95

In matters of religious freedom, we seem to be living in the best and the worst of times. The best, because an abstract, propositional assent to religious freedom as a fundamental human right has never been more widely embraced, and codified in such documents as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Yet also the worst, because that abstract assent seems to have diminishing influence over the actual condition of religious freedom in the world, which has markedly deteriorated in the past two decades. Accounting for this paradox, and finding realistic ways to address it, is the goal of this volume of essays, featuring a lively array of eminent contributors from all over the world, including Gerard Bradley and Thomas Farr, who are well known to First Things readers. It is a judicious and ­thought-provoking collection, deserving of a wide audience.

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