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The neighborhood changed
the day the dead moved in.
The rich barred their gates,
the reputable fled.

Those of us who stayed
sat at our windows
watching the vans creep up,
trying to peer into their faces.
It was beastly quiet.

One by one, a few of us
went over
to see if there was anything
we could do.

But there was nothing
we could do.

”Sara Miller

Three Recent Books

“The Poor Man’s Guide to Homicide,”
By Henry Mullins (illustrated),
Describes a hundred fifty
Simple, thrifty
Ways that have been fully tested.
All are annotated
And guaranteed
To succeed.
(Purchase price rebated
If reader is dissatisfied
Or gets arrested.)

“Travel’s Liabilities,”
By Jonathan T. Conger,
Is sure to please
The stay“at“home
Who used to roam
But can’t afford to any longer
Or is disabled by disease.
Conger terms the risks and costs distressing
And spells out scores of harsh complaints
That cover every phase
Of journeys nowadays.
In short, the picture that he paints
Of travel is depressing
And, for anyone who can’t go touring,

“Smile Away Your Cancer,”
By Margaret Taylor“Waite,
Gives a layman’s straight,
Inspiring answer
To the scourge of humankind,
Explaining how you can survive,
Gain peace of mind,
And even thrive
If you’re attacked
By it.
It’s packed
With wit,
Advice, and adages.
She says,
“All pains in time abate”
And “Keep your spirits high.”
Recommended by a slew
Of readers, few
Of whom are still alive.

”William Walden

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