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David Mills is former executive editor of First Things.

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Half of Who I Am

From First Thoughts

To the extent there has been any debate about in vitro fertilization, opponents have argued against it philosophically or theologically. (The Catholic Church strongly rejects it, and many of the public opponents have been Catholics, but not all.) But without denying the necessity of that kind of . . . . Continue Reading »

A Defense of the Boycott

From First Thoughts

In today’s On the Square, Rabbi Shmully Hecht argues that the Israeli blockade will save Israeli lives and not hurt the citizens of Gaza. Read Israel’s Gaza Boycott Saves Lives for a pointed defense of Israel’s much debated actions. While you’re reading, you might go back to . . . . Continue Reading »

The Revival of Memorial Day

From First Thoughts

For today’s “On the Square,” a reflection on the revival of Memorial Day he thinks we are experiencing by Anthony Esolen, The Soldier’s Rough Charity . We are witnessing, he writes, a certain revival of Memorial Day, along with a revival of something better than the disdain . . . . Continue Reading »

Memorial Gratitude

From First Thoughts

On this Memorial Day, I’ve been pondering the problem of gratitude, not only for my children (the two still at home) but for myself. Millions of soldiers and their families sacrificed much, even their lives, and my family and I have gained from their losses. Their losses are real, and often . . . . Continue Reading »

Young Catholics and Young Calvinists

From First Thoughts

A Protestant Charismatic friend who read my Spirituality Without Spirits wrote me: That is well-done and definitely says it in terms of the utter cop-out among many young people in terms of religious belief with teeth. Don’t you think this is where a lot of Catholic youth are at? Unless . . . . Continue Reading »

Robert George’s New Voice

From First Thoughts

A New Voice for the American Right declares a profile of our editorial board member Robert P. George, written by the prominent philosopher John Haldane and published in the English magazine Standpoint . Haldane, who teaches at St. Andrew’s University, describes Robby as “a leader of . . . . Continue Reading »

Worst-Reviewed Movies

From First Thoughts offers a slideshow of The Ten Worst-Reviewed Movies . I’m relieved to say that I’ve seen none of them. Something I didn’t know till recently: Joe Eszterhas, writer of one of the movies on the list, which is supposed to be horribly written and morally vile at the same . . . . Continue Reading »

Palestine Israel

From First Thoughts

Coming soon to a church near you, if you’re unfortunate: The World Council of Churches is sponsoring the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel [sic] from May 29th to June 4th. They take one side: The week calls participants to seek justice for Palestinians so that both Israelis and . . . . Continue Reading »

From Church to Museum to Church

From First Thoughts

Moscow turns ownership of public monasteries over to Orthodox Church , and this has upset the museum establishment. The latest building to be returned to the Church after being stolen by the Bolsheviks 80 or 90 years ago is “the stunning 16th-century fortified convent of Novodevichy, a pearl . . . . Continue Reading »