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Being “Spiritual”

From First Thoughts

I’m in the slightly uncomfortable position of pointing this morning to the new “On the Square” without being able to use the word “commend,” since I wrote it. (My parents were big on “Don’t point to yourself” and the lesson stuck.) So: please read . . . . Continue Reading »

Spirituality Without Spirits

From Web Exclusives

It’s a great and self-serving mess, this claim to be “spiritual but not religious,” which we hear from almost anyone who talks about religion in public, outside those the worldlings define as fundamentalist (me, probably you, Joseph Bottum, David Goldman, Benedict XVI, Hassidic Jews, devout Muslims, religious families with more than four children)… . Continue Reading »

How Millennial Are You?

From First Thoughts

Knowing how much many people like this sort of thing, here is the Pew Research Center’s How Millennial Are You? quiz. (It’s in the middle of the page.) I scored, in case anyone’s interested, a 19, compared to the Baby Boomers’ 11 and the Millennials’ 73.  I . . . . Continue Reading »

Godard’s Contempt

From First Thoughts

In “Breathless at Fifty ,   The New Republic ‘s David Thomson suggests that a classic movie really isn’t exactly a classic. There is a temptation to see  Breathless (or  A Bout de Souffle ) as the epitome of the New Wave . . . . But if you want the right emblem, . . . . Continue Reading »

Searching Lutherans

From First Thoughts

In Lutherans in Search of a Church , today’s “On the Square” article,  Lutheran theologian Robert Benne describes the current state of mainline Lutheranism and the various conservative or traditional or orthodox (however you’d like to put it) responses. I’d be . . . . Continue Reading »

As Monica Weigel Likes It

From First Thoughts

As a second “On the Square” article today, following Archbishop Charles Chaput’s Suing the Church — the subject of much disagreement on the site — is Monica R. Weigel’s review of the Storm Theatre’s production of As You Like It . She commends it, and if . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Footsteps to Follow In

From First Thoughts

The two comments prompt me to remove the posting. I think it was a fair satirical remark on a disgruntled theologian who has written with contempt for good and serious men, like popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but it may have been more mean than satirical. Even if it wasn’t, I have to . . . . Continue Reading »

More Storm Clouds in Ukraine

From First Thoughts

Readers of George Weigel’s Storm Clouds in Ukraine (yesterday’s “On the Square” article), will be interested in two stories from Ukraine: the short news announcement  Pope Benedict XVI to visit Ukraine in 2012 and the description of the Russian Orthodox Church’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Today’s Unexpected Comment

From First Thoughts

I sent out a notice about Father Oakes’ “On the Square” article, Atheism’s Just So Scenarios ,  to a list of apologetics websites. Among the responses was one from a writer who said he’d looked at our website and: I also saw that  you had a section called . . . . Continue Reading »