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David P. Goldman is a senior editor of First Things.

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The Keynes Conundrum

From the October 2010 Print Edition

The most practical man of business is usually the slave of a defunct economist, John Maynard Keynes observed seventy-five years ago, in reference to the theories he proposed to overthrow; and this judgment applies with force to his continuing grip on the minds of the world’s policy makers. Public . . . . Continue Reading »

Practical Theology

From First Thoughts

Theologians for the most part are a placid and contemplative tribe. That is a shame, for practical theology can be exhilirating. No-one allow me into a PhD program in theology, one academic friend warns, much less give me a teaching position at any reputable (or even disreputable) institution of . . . . Continue Reading »

Where Does It Stop, Gen. Petraeus?

From First Thoughts

Burning the Koran (or any book) is a bad thing, and the Rev. Terry Jones of something called the Dove World Outreach Center will violate basic standards of decency when he sets fire to the Muslim holy book on Sept. 11. But it is Constitutionally-protected free speech. Last year a North Carolina . . . . Continue Reading »

The President’s Pastoral Emails

From First Thoughts

Why do between a fifth and a quarter of Americans think that Barack Obama is a Muslim? I was interviewed this morning by one new outlet on this topic. Perhaps 10% of the population listens to the talk-radio conspiracy theorists who actually believe that Obama is a covert Muslim, which of course is . . . . Continue Reading »