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Wrong from Wright

From the February 2007 Print Edition

Those of us Protestants whose heritage is relatively congregational may sometimes find ourselves thinking things would be better if only we had bishops to provide the sort of guidance that gives the church theological direction in a world that constantly raises new and difficult questions. Such a . . . . Continue Reading »

Hold the Granola

From the May 2006 Print Edition

Making a long drive home from a meeting late last summer, I found myself hungry in the early afternoon. I needed something that would be quick, inexpensive, and good. And there (providentially?) was the sign: a Burger King off the next exit. I felt like a flame-grilled Whopper, and the beauty of it . . . . Continue Reading »

Judging Politics

From the January 2006 Print Edition

Once there was no politics in the “pre-political” society God created. One day there will be no politics, in the society gathered around the throne of the Lamb. But, for now, political society exists as “a moment in parentheses,” and its structure is trinitarian in character. It . . . . Continue Reading »

Why We Work

From the June/July 2005 Print Edition

Just Work by Russell Muirhead Harvard University Press, 224 pp. $24.95 That work is essential to human life, few will doubt. Whether it should also hold some more exalted place in life”whether, rather than just working to live, we should also live to work”is less clear. It is an issue to which . . . . Continue Reading »

Living Life’s End

From the May 2005 Print Edition

A good bit of public attention in recent years has been focused on developments at the beginning of life: new reproductive technologies, for instance, and research on embryos. But questions about what we ought to do for those near the end of life may be more enduring and are, at least by my lights, . . . . Continue Reading »

Talking Democracy

From the April 2004 Print Edition

Democracy and Tradition ”the fruit of years of reflection and development by the author”actually comprises essays on three quite different topics. They are held together chiefly by a view of democratic tradition as a largely habitual (as opposed to rationally necessary) . . . . Continue Reading »

Why Remember?

From the August/September 2003 Print Edition

In the movie Memento (released in 2001) the central character, Leonard Shelby, sustains a blow to the head from an intruder who has already raped and killed Shelby’s wife. The movie tells the story of Shelby’s search to find and kill that intruder, but his search is enormously complicated . . . . Continue Reading »

Between Beasts and God

From the January 2002 Print Edition

Near the beginning of the twenty-fourth and last Book of Homer’s Iliad, called by Simone Weil “the only true epic” the West possesses, even the gods—detached as they are in their bliss from all sufferings—have seen enough. Achilles has become inhuman. Ignoring our animal nature, . . . . Continue Reading »