What Sex Is–And Is For

From the April 2000 Print Edition

Sexuality and the Christian Body By Eugene F. Rogers, Jr. Blackwell. 303 pp. $62.95. The blurbs on the back cover of this book create in the potential reader an expectation of something new”a creative, original approach to the morality of homosexual acts, not just a rehashing of standard . . . . Continue Reading »

The Last Word

From the June/July 1999 Print Edition

How refreshing and intellectually stimulating it is to read a philosopher”and one as smart as Thomas Nagel”say a favorable word on behalf of Descartes. In a time when “Cartesian” has almost become a pejorative term, Nagel invites us to have second thoughts. He does so in order . . . . Continue Reading »

The Slowness of the Good

From the March 1999 Print Edition

Over the past several decades both philosophers and theologians within the academy have participated in a revival of interest in what is generally called “virtue ethics”-an ethic that focuses not so much upon what we ought to do, but upon character, upon the sort of persons we ought to . . . . Continue Reading »

Man as Lucifer

From the February 1999 Print Edition

The Invention of Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral Philosophy by J.B. Scheewind Cambridge University Press, 624 pages, $69.95 cloth, $24.95 The autonomy whose invention J. B. Schneewind explores in this long and magisterial history of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century moral philosophy is Kantian . . . . Continue Reading »