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A Philosopher of Virtue

From the April 1998 Print Edition

On November 6, 1997, the German Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper died at the age of ninety-three. Hearing that news reminded me of the first time I read his work. In a graduate course I had been assigned to read some sections on the virtues from the Summa Theologica and then, in addition, to read . . . . Continue Reading »

Meaningful Work

From the January 1998 Print Edition

Although it is sometimes forgotten that a worthy human life can be lived by those who do not work, or do not work for pay, it is still true that work is one of the most fundamental of human experiences. Necessary for human existence, it is also an activity in which we struggle to find meaning and . . . . Continue Reading »

In His Steps

From the December 1997 Print Edition

The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard B. Hays HarperSanFrancisco, 508 pages, $25 This book is both a reviewer’s dream and nightmare. From one perspective it is simple to review. Long as the book is, its contents can easily be outlined, so clear and carefully developed is Hays’ . . . . Continue Reading »

Recovering Christendom

From the November 1997 Print Edition

The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology by Oliver O’Donovan Cambridge University Press, 304 pages, $68.50 Granting, of course, that there are countless books I have not read, and with apologies in particular to the friends whose books I have read, The Desire . . . . Continue Reading »

Begetting and Cloning

From the June/July 1997 Print Edition

(The following remarks were presented to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission on March 13, 1997.) I have been invited, as I understand it, to speak today specifically as a Protestant theologian. I have tried to take that charge seriously, and I have chosen my concerns accordingly. I do not . . . . Continue Reading »

Treating the Person

From the November 1996 Print Edition

Testing the Medical Covenant: Active Euthenasia and Health Care Reform By William F. May Eerdmans, 146 pages, $14 If one has time to read only a single book on medical ethics in the near future, Testing the Medical Covenant: Active Euthanasia and Health Care Reform would be an excellent choice. As . . . . Continue Reading »

Keeping Company

From the October 1996 Print Edition

In Good Company: The Church as Polis By Stanley Hauerwas University of Notre Dame Press, 268 pages, $29.95 “I do not want to be told that I write too much. Tell me what you want left out and why.” With those words Stanley Hauerwas sets before us another collection of his essays. I will . . . . Continue Reading »


From the May 1996 Print Edition

Integrity By Stephen L. Carter Basic Books, 261 pages, $24 I am probably the wrong person to review this book. Although I don’t much like playing card games, one that I do like a lot is a game called Rage . What I like about it is that players are “permitted” to cheat. Of course, if . . . . Continue Reading »