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Recovering Christendom

From the November 1997 Print Edition

The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology by Oliver O’Donovan Cambridge University Press, 304 pages, $68.50 Granting, of course, that there are countless books I have not read, and with apologies in particular to the friends whose books I have read, The Desire . . . . Continue Reading »

Begetting and Cloning

From the June/July 1997 Print Edition

(The following remarks were presented to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission on March 13, 1997.) I have been invited, as I understand it, to speak today specifically as a Protestant theologian. I have tried to take that charge seriously, and I have chosen my concerns accordingly. I do not . . . . Continue Reading »

Treating the Person

From the November 1996 Print Edition

Testing the Medical Covenant: Active Euthenasia and Health Care Reform By William F. May Eerdmans, 146 pages, $14 If one has time to read only a single book on medical ethics in the near future, Testing the Medical Covenant: Active Euthanasia and Health Care Reform would be an excellent choice. As . . . . Continue Reading »

Keeping Company

From the October 1996 Print Edition

In Good Company: The Church as Polis By Stanley Hauerwas University of Notre Dame Press, 268 pages, $29.95 “I do not want to be told that I write too much. Tell me what you want left out and why.” With those words Stanley Hauerwas sets before us another collection of his essays. I will . . . . Continue Reading »


From the May 1996 Print Edition

Integrity By Stephen L. Carter Basic Books, 261 pages, $24 I am probably the wrong person to review this book. Although I don’t much like playing card games, one that I do like a lot is a game called Rage . What I like about it is that players are “permitted” to cheat. Of course, if . . . . Continue Reading »


From the January 1996 Print Edition

Theorizing Citizenship Edited by Ronald Beiner State University of New York Press, 335 pages, $19.95 What does it mean to belong to a political community? Is such belonging, which we call citizenship, important? What binds a body of people together in a political community and sustains their bond . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Much Help

From the December 1995 Print Edition

On the New Frontiers of Genetics and Religion By J. Robert Nelson Eerdmans. 212 pp. $12.99 We are badly in need of books that will help us engage in moral and religious reflection upon recent mind-boggling advances in genetics. Unfortunately, On the New Frontiers of Genetics and Religion will not . . . . Continue Reading »