On Loyalty

From the Aug/Sept 2013 Print Edition

If you visit Edinburgh, you can visit the famous statue of Bobby that sits near the south entrance to Greyfriars Kirkyard at the southern end of the George IV Bridge. When his master died, the Skye Terrier continued to make their daily rounds, visiting the pub on the way, and then entering the . . . . Continue Reading »

Vintage Richard

From the April 2009 Print Edition

Over three decades ago, the phone rang in my office at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I was then teaching in the department of political science. A powerful, resonant baritone voice introduced the caller as Richard Neuhaus. He was calling, he said, to invite me to a meeting in New . . . . Continue Reading »

While Europe Slept

From the March 2009 Print Edition

In the great cathedrals in Europe, a few people”usually elderly women”can be found at worship. Everybody else is a tourist, cameras hanging around their necks, meandering through. I was recently in Scotland, and I read a newspaper story commenting on three hundred deserted churches . . . . Continue Reading »

Freedom’s Surety

From the February 2005 Print Edition

American Providence: A Nation with a Mission by Stephen H. Webb Continuum. 173 pp. $22.95 Perhaps Stephen Webb should have added a question mark after the word “mission” in the subtitle of his brisk and engaging book, American Providence: A Nation with a Mission . But perhaps he did not . . . . Continue Reading »

Essays in Understanding

From the November 1994 Print Edition

Books about Hannah Arendt have been proliferating at a brisk pace. Now there is a new book by Arendt herself, a collection of pieces that span the tumultuous twenty-five year period from 1930 to the mid-fifties. It does boggle the mind. Nazism, fascism, Stalinism, the beginning of the Cold War, the . . . . Continue Reading »

Judge Not?

From the October 1994 Print Edition

We are a society awash in exculpatory strategies. We’ve devised lots of fascinating ways to let ourselves or others off the hook: all one need do is think of recent, well-publicized trials to appreciate the truth of this. We Americans are at present being bombarded with sensationalistic tales . . . . Continue Reading »