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Nones on Sunday

From the November 2018 Print Edition

One day I woke up and became a None;It gave me lots more time to think and pray.I’d think about bad things religion’s done,And pray that God would now see things my way.I wasn’t like those numskulls who believedAlmighty God did not per se exist.I mainly just preferred to be relievedFrom Sunday . . . . Continue Reading »

Oh Where Was God?

From the October 2018 Print Edition

O where was God when all things fell apart;When with the fury went our hopes and dreams?We kept him at a distance from the start,And now our world was bursting at the seams.The same reports of threats we heard for years,Till background noise was all that they became,As we ignored our deeply hidden . . . . Continue Reading »

The Crowd

From the Aug/Sept 2017 Print Edition

Enticing to the coward is the crowd:It speaks what each dares not to speak alone,And compensates for fear with voices loudTo offer wisdom that it doesn’t own.With stridency, a courage is displayedWhich hadn’t been in evidence before;The shame of individuals afraidFor just a time the crowd lets . . . . Continue Reading »