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The Dreamer as Architect

From the March 2021 Print Edition

Last night in dreams, she lived a thousand yearsAnd was the architect who made a houseThat wandered from the mountains to the sea. And in its rooms the strange and marvelousBegan to stir with songs and imagesAnd words of radiance by those who knew That every stone and changing face and treeWas . . . . Continue Reading »

Cáer’s Dream

From the January 2021 Print Edition

In dream, she fished with silk of swans,Baited her hooks of hammered bronze With rainbow strips of cuttlefish,And might have paused to make a wish Or prayed her prayer for daily breadBefore she cast the humming thread Into the seven seas of years,Into the music of the spheres, Into the . . . . Continue Reading »

An Icon of St. Margaret

From the December 2019 Print Edition

This gold and paint on board, the fillet in her hair—I see resemblance, yes, a slantways glimpse of her Though she is gone away—it was not made from life,For no one is so blithe to pain, as if a laugh Were trembling on her lips, as if the fur like grassAlong the dragon’s jaw were just . . . . Continue Reading »