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Fifty Years Ago Today

From First Thoughts

Three notable men died on this date fifty years ago. Most of the attention on this anniversary belongs to John F. Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas by a lone communist (somehow it is necessary to use both the adjective and the noun to quash various conspiracy theories). A strong . . . . Continue Reading »

Protesting Too Much

From First Thoughts

At National Review Online over the weekend, the familiar-to- First Things -readers George Weigel published a talk he gave recently in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in the course of which he argued: The argument today isn’t about assimilation. The argument today is about who “gets” America: . . . . Continue Reading »

Defining Bigotry Down

From First Thoughts

At a blog called Above the Law, which presents itself as a site for serious news and commentary on legal affairs,  blogger Joe Patrice opines that Trinity Western University in British Columbia should not have its new law school accredited by the powers that be in Canada who are responsible . . . . Continue Reading »