Saving Jesus

From the March 2014 Print Edition

“BrickHouse Security saves Jesus for 8th year in a row, offers free GPS tracking of nativity scenes and holiday displays.” Somehow escaping The sharp eye Of angels, shepherds, And magi, Thieves snatch the infant From the crèche To spirit God off In the flesh. Clearly, it’s . . . . Continue Reading »


From the March 2012 Print Edition

Far more than Once Upon a Time, A lonely would-be single-mom Wished for a child, and one soon came, Not in the usual way”but sprung From golden seed of barley corn Sold by a fairy. And when it bloomed, A little unborn maiden stood Among the flower’s velvet stems, So small, a shell served . . . . Continue Reading »

The Ballroom of Heaven

From the Aug/Sept 2011 Print Edition

As a Boy Scout, Dad decoded The dit-dit-dahs of Morse, the swashed flags Of semaphore, bugled “Taps.” At war’s end, trumpeted jazz, Sported a dashing Errol Flynn mustache, Drove a Mercury coupe, led a brass swing band. Growing gray, he bought a Mustang, Captained boats down the . . . . Continue Reading »

Brokenness and Modern Poetry

From Web Exclusives

A recent On the Square essay entitled A Poet Haunted by Brokenness occasioned a small disagreement among some First Things, readers. In the essay, Losana Boyd, the Director of Creative & Marketing Services at First Things, and a poet, favorably reviewed The Eternal Cityby Kathleen Graber, praising the poet’s fluent syntax, arresting imagery, and elegant, well-crafted lines. Continue Reading »

The Republic of Virtue

From the March 2009 Print Edition

In Year One, the month of Vintage , time began. Fog hovered above the earth, like an emanation Of spirits underground. The scents of rose water Sprinkled on sawdust, bird lime, blood, and fungus Commingled in the air, like a chimera Exhaled from broken mouths. The word Virtue Rumbled above the roar . . . . Continue Reading »

Herod’s Confusion

From the November 2003 Print Edition

As her dance dissolves and smiling Salome Sashays across the floor in smoky veils To join her scheming mother, Herod sighs, Seeing how foolishly he’s just behaved” Losing his head to such a vapid girl, Whose liquid rippling of breasts and thighs Writhing in time to pipes and throbbing . . . . Continue Reading »